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The ProgressMaker® Execution module

Execute Things Faster – Whether challenging projects, strategies or transformations, ProgressMaker® ensures a results focus; a disciplined progress orientation and motivation

ProgressMaker® - Execute Things Faster

In today’s competitive world it is no longer big who beats small, it is faster who beats slower. Use ProgressMaker® to take your organisation’s implementation strength to Champions League level.

  • Beyond PowerPoint and all the rest – Unique clarity regarding targets and target images
  • Intuitive networking of all issues and interdependencies
  • Intelligent, consistent priority setting
  • An intelligent mx of OKR and classic project management
  • Dashboard-based steering for a range of management levels
  • Automated road mapping
  • Value contribution management
  • And much more besides

ProgessMaker® has been developed on the basis of practical experience for practical use. Drawing on 20 years’ experience in implementation management and key insights gained from organisational psychology, cognitive research and management theory, this tool has been developed in collaboration with companies such as RENOLIT, Techem or thyssenkrupp AG to implement issues more quickly and productively.

Thanks to its clear structure and intuitive handling ProgressMaker® is not another annoying reporting tool. ProgressMaker® is a tool which everyone likes to use, from employees to top managers. Whether to organise their own implementation, for communications or for steering.

Execution Module Features

Target States – The Basis for Strong Implementation Management

Weak implementation management jumps directly from targets, such as EBIT, market share, churn rate, etc., to the measures level. Plans, milestones and activities are the focus of thought processes and action. Progress is linked to which tasks have been completed, not what has been achieved!

Strong implementation management works differently. Taking the “why” (the targets) as its starting point, it first systematises and emotionalises the “what”.

What is the target image; what are the characteristics of the target status which we can be proud of once we have achieved it?

Based on cognitive research carried out by the Max Planck Institute, ProgressMaker® provides a uniquely intuitive way to consider and model target statuses in order to create the basis for high-performance implementation management.

  • Strategies and projects with clear target images
  • Focused on outcome and impact
  • Intuitive modelling
  • Excellent communication options
  • Workflow and notification mechanisms
  • Drill-down and drill-up options 
  • And much more besides
Execution Grid View
Simplicity reduced to the max!

Rapidly Drive Target States KPI-driven and OKR-based

Networking of crucial transformation elements or also of specific projects and OKRs with KPIs. Definition of KPIs directly in ProgressMaker® or by creating links with connected systems using self-service and drag & drop.

Systematised forecasting corridors help organisations to achieve optimum steering and implementation of issues in terms of what must be achieved by when for individual levels. The key focus in this regard is  also on ensuring that implementations generate crucial effects on schedule.  

  • Integration of KPIs from any system at all levels for focused implementation management
  • Whether for entire strategies, programmes or specific projects and OKRs
  • Target setting and progress controlling for any length of time or frequency
  • Model varying relationships and interdependencies between your KPIs as well as with specific measures, projects and OKRs
  • Keep a clear overview and precisely control who contributes what for which KPIs

Make PPT a thing of the past. Status boards for highly productive steering meetings at executive level

Whether the entire strategy programme, individual fields of action or projects, ProgressMaker®supplies all the information in a condensed, highly sophisticated form, including all aspects which are relevant for steering and decision making.

ProgressMaker® ensures that organisations and teams always immediately have all the information to hand in status and steering meetings and also enables them to confidently clarify all detailed questions without delay. Without any preparatory effort being required.

  • Executive summaries on all relevant aspects of implementation for productive steering meetings
  • Cumulative progress presentation with drill-down options
  • Ad hoc deep dives in critical areas at any time
  • Financial performance management
  • Top management-relevant risks, success factors and required decisions prepared
  • PMO effort reduced by 80 percent; no time-consuming compilation of planning and status presentations
Drill Up, Side and Down

Drill up, side and down. All interrelationships crystal clear

Whether via drill-down navigation from the target image jigsaw puzzle; so-called operational networks with interdependencies or lists which can be configured in any way, executives and their teams can access exactly the information required for optimum implementation management from anywhere and at any time.

  • Roadmap for overall corporate strategy or for sub-aspects of a project
  • Direct insight from a measure (OKR or classic project) to the dependent measures
  • Identify the impact of further measures on specific KPIs
  • Know which aspects are still dependent on this project risk

All the information is just a click away. The intuitive navigation takes users on a journey through all the elements of the implementation project and their interdependencies. And that’s not all!

  • Always have the optimum cognitive distance to what is currently of interest – from the overall programme to a single OKR or risk
  • Intuitive editing and commenting
  • Simple, user-specific dashboard and list configuration across all relevant aspects
  • Freely definable approval and notification processes

ProgressMaker® helps you transform your team’s existing “horsepower” into performance

Strong features for powerful organisations

Intuitive User Guidance Ensures Clarity ​

Intuitive User Guidance Ensures Clarity

Easy-to-use ProgressMaker® drag-and-drop mechanisms enable users to intuitively structure and model complex projects across a variety of levels. Network all aspects; achieve internal coordination and define correct parameters. This not only makes implementation more productive but is a significantly more pleasant experience for all concerned.

  • Cognitively plausible modelling of strategies or complex projects across a variety of levels
  • Network a highly diverse range of elements with one another without losing the overview
  • Whether content-related, time-related or resource-oriented interdependencies, model everything intuitively, integrating it into regulated coordination and decision-making processes
  • Critical paths present consequences at all levels, providing planning certainty
  • And much more besides

Integrated Focused Management of the Financial Effects of Fields of Action, Projects and OKRs, for Example Using SAP

Strategies and the initiative, project and OKR landscapes associated with implementation are not an end in themselves. At the end of the day the target is to move key financial indicators such as EBIT, cash flow, etc, forward.

  • Are the overall strategy, individual fields of action or specific projects and OKRs generating the desired effects?
  • How extensive are the results gaps which need to be closed?
  • Are there sufficient potential ideas?
  • Is the degree of implementation of individual measures progressing fast enough to achieve the targets which have been set on time or possibly even to overachieve them?

ProgressMaker® supplies the networking of implementation management which is required for optimum prioritisation and steering of all measures. Where necessary, it can also be expanded to include information from additional central systems (such as SAP) for the financial dimension.

  • Forecasting evaluations for overall programmes or any specific aspect (initiatives, projects, OKRs)
  • Pre-defined or freely configurable implementation degree models for management of measure effectiveness
  • Heat map evaluations for intelligent progress tracking
  • Simulations of effects for interdependencies, road maps and critical paths
  • Export of all relevant information to Excel, PPT, etc.
Financial Effects
Intelligent Organisation

Intelligent Organisation and Integration of Day-to-Day Work

ProgressMaker® offers everything your heart could desire to make day-to-day implementation tasks for projects and OKRs productive and intuitive; including task lists, KANBAN boards, file repositories, references to files in shared file and cloud solutions, chats or logbooks. 

ProgressMaker® seamlessly integrates existing well-established systems such as Jira or MS-Teams.

  • Intuitive organisation of day-to-day implementation tasks for classic projects and OKRs
  • Task management, KANBAN boards, risk and dependency management – all handled context sensitively and intuitively
  • Integration with established collaboration and task management systems such as Jira, MS-Teams and others.

Implementation Excellence Based on Passion, Trust and Pride

Clear Target Statuses

Far removed from abstraction and vague descriptions, clear target statuses provide a “film” to watch in your mind’s eye, making it clear why it is worth fighting to achieve the target.

A Crucial Motivator

High performance implementations are not rational challenges, they are emotional ones. Target images generate passion and trust.

Pride Thanks to Progress-Oriented Discipline

Use the right mechanisms to achieve a high degree of discipline, commitment and reliability to ensures that everyone will always be proud of what they have achieved.

Progress, not perfection

Generate outcome focused progress in short cycles over and over again. What has or has not been done is irrelevant, all that matters is what has been achieved.

Use the OKR Philosophy and ProgressMaker® for Results- and Progress-oriented Thinking and Action!

Have you ever wondered why Peter Miller invests so much love and commitment into tinkering with his classic car in his free time, devoting many hours to working on it?

Does Peter Miller need Gantt charts, milestones, tracking, controlling and all the rest when he’s doing this? No!

Peter Miller has a clear vision of his goal; this target image is what motivates him. “Emotional driving force” is a key criterion for successful, sustainable enterprise progress management.