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The comprehensive platform for tool-supported implementation and progress management

More about ProgressMaker®

How thyssenkrupp Steel managed its corporate transformation

Transform, but do it right

Transformation projects are always hard work. But thyssenkrupp Steel deliberately made it uncomfortable. The change process turned the old culture completely upside down. Employees developed target images, jigsawed and set the pace in six-month sprints. A detailed workshop report.

By Matthias Kolbusa and Christoph Martin

15.1.2021, 6 pm, Harvard Business Manager 12/2021

The ProgressMaker® in
Harvard Business Manager

What got you here, won’t get you there

Organisations and teams don’t generally have knowledge problems. Their goals are well defined and strategies excellently developed. What they are, however, often lacking is a way to translate existing “horsepower” into performance so that they can implement a wide range of issues quickly and sustainably.

Organisations have not lost the ability to operate their business models professionally. The reality is that today’s market requires faster, more radical reactions to new competitors, customer needs, changing political conditions or unreliable supply chains. The supposedly simple solutions, the “low hanging fruits”, have long since been exhausted.

The solutions to such challenges are complex. An increasing number of players from many diverse fields within and outside the company must work together as a well-coordinated team to make their contributions.

The “silo mentality” and other implementation brakes are becoming more noticeable than ever before. Put in simple terms, implementation management has become more demanding.

With its methodological framework based on the core principles of status and progress orientation, Enterprise Progress Management (EPM)® creates structures which allow highly disciplined organisations to implement issues more quickly and efficiently.


Enterprise Progress Management® is a hands-on management mechanism developed to master complex implementation challenges. EPM® is built on thinking in terms of target statuses, disciplining managers to focus on outcomes, not input. The only thing which counts is not what has or has not been done, but progress! Using EPM® to implement issues creates an unprecedented level of clarity and commitment among all participants.

Thanks to the consistent success orientation and focus on achieving relevant progress goals within a short cycle, it is possible to generate highly motivational implementation momentum which enables you and your teams to implement issues more quickly and efficiently ProgressMaker®, a digital platform designed to create sustainable implementation strength, can be used to quickly establish disciplined use of EPM®in your organisation.

It focuses on three core principles: DRIVING FORCE, SUCCESS FOCUS and PROGRESS ORIENTATION 

“High performance implementations are not rational challenges but actually emotional ones. ProgressMaker® enables you to bring a tangible driving force into your implementation!“

Matthias Kolbusa,
Management Consultant and Change Expert

ProgressMaker® – Execute Things Faster

The comprehensive platform for tool-supported implementation and progress management

ProgressMaker® provides you and your organisation with a crucial competitive advantage – implementation strength! Whether operational excellence, strategy, transformations, specific programmes or projects, its integrated thought process and management framework will help you and your teams to implement issues more quickly and productively than ever before.   

ProgressMaker® has been developed in collaboration with exceptionally successful German corporations and medium-size companies and is the outcome of practical experience. It can be integrated into application environments and has interfaces to enable flexible connection to areas where good solutions are already in use. This tool functions as a booster for generating implementation strength. 

Organisations which use ProgressMaker® think and communicate more precisely and quickly. They know all the relevant interdependencies and manage them in a focused, cross-organisational manner. 

They are more disciplined and results-focused than their competitors because they have shorter cycles based on objective progress and knowledge criteria, not activities. They thus always know where they stand in relation to their target image.

Organisations are more often able to achieve breakthroughs for issues which were previously unsuccessful because of a conscious or unconscious silo mentality. ProgressMaker® is based on an approach which is similar to the way in which the pandemic and resulting use of Teams, WebEx, etc. has enabled companies to implement mobile work models virtually overnight. It focuses and synchronises existing power on genuinely cruial priorities, establishing unique implementation momentum.  



Strategy means thinking in target statuses which will get the entire organisation on fire for the project


Disciplined progress management to implement strategies, transformations or specific projects more quickly.


The crucial results and steering KPIs are networked with each other and the relevant measures


Culture means establishing day-to-day behavioural patterns, not slogans on posters in office corridors. The focus is on creating places where people enjoy giving their best

ProgressMaker® – Feature Overview

Execution Module

Steer and implement complex issues in a focused way

Whether strategies, transformations or complex projects, the Execution module provides organisations with comprehensive steering options for strategy issues and implementation measures:

  • Priority setting – so that it’s clear what is not actually a priority!  
  • Networking of all issues – for crystal clear coordination of all conditions and interdependencies
  • Resource management – for optimum resource utilisation  
  • Value contribution management – for certainty that the effects aspired to will occur in the expected time period  
  • And lots more besides
Manage and implement complex topics in a targeted manner
Top KPIs ensure focus

Performance Module

Using networked KPI management to achieve maximum performance

Whether it’s your structural, service or agile organisation, view all responsibilities, target commitments and evaluations of KPIs and measures for a uniquely clear overview of implementation management:

  • Priority setting
  • Networking of all issues
  • Resource management 
  • Automated road mapping
  • Value contribution management
  • And lots more besides

Strategy Module

The simply way to create a framework to model challenging strategy options

The ProgressMaker® Strategy module enables organisations to develop strategy options; to evaluate them and then to decide on the best market-strategic target position.

  • Develop market and competitive strategies
  • Use scenarios to be prepared for occurence
  • Systematically evaluate strategy options
  • Derive all relevant portfolio strategies
  • Derive business unit and functional strategies
  • Manage interdependencies of individual (sub-)strategies with confidence
  • And much more
5-Step Module

Culture Module

Systematically Develop a Culture - Create Places Where People Enjoy Giving Their Best

Places where employees and teams feel good; where error and debate cultures truly exist. The Culture module has an integrated key result framework, enabling it to deliver a platform which can be used to directly influence soft criteria:

  • Development of a healthy error and debate culture
  • Creation of an employee and team more speed-oriented mindset 
  • Increased level of reliability
  • Generation of greater commitment through increased consistency
  • Customisable steering values and mechanisms enable employees to develop new behavioural patterns (courage, openness, speed, consistency, dependability, reliability)

Making Complexity Easy to Manage

Projects, Strategy and Operational Excellence

Complexity Reduction at a Glance

Intuitive overview and clear target states in a cockpit for strategies, transformations, individual projects, OKRs, operations KPIs and change projects

The Correct Focus

Be able to reflect and prioritize more specifically on the basis of clearly described target images, result variables and strategic gaps in terms of content

Maximum Progress Transparency

From the big picture to the individual project - your objective view of progress and results, gap mapping for goal achievement, clear priorities and dependencies, roadmaps, value propositions and more

Intelligent Networking

Transparent presentation of crucial interdependencies such as: Topic impact on KPIs, dependencies on the critical path, presentation of resource commitment