The ProgressMaker® Performance Module

Optimum Steering of Teams and Organisations – Next Generation KPI Performance Management

Optimum Steering of Teams and Organisations – Next Generation KPI Performance Management

It is a truism that key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential for productive management! Generally there is no lack of KPIs, in fact the opposite is usually the case. A jungle of KPIs in combination with reporting orgies results in unnecessary complexity and considerable frustration instead of high-performance management. No-one can see the wood for the trees.

Reduce to the max! Use the ProgressMaker® Performance module to get the maximum out of your KPIs!

  • The self-service portal and drag & drop enable you to assign the few crucial KPIs for your systems to individual players, teams or services
  • Ensure that everyone in the organisation focuses on the few genuinely crucial results KPIs for themselves and their team
  • Model an effective KPI management system by creating interrelationships between steering and results KPIs 
  • Take advantage of precise tracking to identify how successfully OKR or project time forecasting corridors are functioning for various KPIs
  • Use this option to engage in highly productive performance dialogues and take your business and operational excellence to the next level
  • And much more besides
The ProgressMaker® Performance module is not just another BI system. It is a platform which links existing systems into one whole, enabling you to achieve optimum performance management.


Use this excellent KPI management system, which is simple and intuitive enough for anyone to use, to ensure that the right things are discussed by the right people at the right time, generating superb results. Execute things faster! 

Use KPI intelligence to achieve greater effectiveness

The simple way to move around your KPI universe: Which KPIs are related to one another and what is their verifiable cause-effect relationship? What are the crucial steering KPIs? Which measures are having the desired effect? Where can complementary or also redundant or even contradictory measures (OKRs/ projects) be identified?

From KPI driver trees to operational networks

The idea behind KPI driver trees is great and ProgressMaker® enables you to model and effectively manage them! You can, however, also gain an insight into the real world behind the driver trees, navigating via various entry points to carry out effective steering. This could be via an OKR and its impact on KPIs or via KPIs and who is currently working on them how and with what expectations, etc.

Clarity regarding the effect of measures 

Obtain absolute transparency and an extensive steering ability regarding which measures (projects/ OKRs) make how large a contribution to which KPI and with what forecast horizon, as well as to achieve optimum steering of your teams and the effectiveness of your measures.


Next generation
KPI Performance Management

ProgressMaker® Performance Module Features

Simplicity Reduced to the Max!

The few crucial KPIs from the various “KPI pots” are presented in an overview which can be handled simply and intuitively by any manager or employee. Everyone can see the status of the few crucial KPIs; which corresponding measures are currently being carried out and what other measures are planned.

Simplicity reduced to the max!
exzellente Performance-Dialoge ​

The Basis for Excellent Performance Dialogues

How do performance dialogues usually function? One sheet of paper lists the KPIs, generally only results KPIs, and another sheet lists measures. What is lacking in most cases is clarity regarding which measures should have what impact on which KPIs and when. ProgressMaker® supplies this clarity in a simple, easily understandable manner.

Use and Manage Key Interdependencies

Good KPI management systems are an intelligent mix of results and steering KPIs which show everyone what value contribution they have made (results KPI) and what the proven key levers are (steering KPIs) for operational excellence.

Top KPIs ensure focus

Top KPIs Ensure Focus!

ProgressMaker® provides crucial top KPIs and a driver tree logic which is simple to model and manage, ensuring that everyone’s projects and OKRs focus on the key issues.

Highly Intelligent Steering of Organisations

Whether you want to know who plans to achieve what how and using which measures for which KPIs exactly when or simply whether the overall mix of measures makes sense, ProgressMaker®offers all the options required for optimum steering of your organisation and teams. Steer measures in a way which enables precise achievement of targets and experience an unprecedented level of clarity, dependability and consistency in implementation. Execute things fast!

High Intelligence Steering
Härtegrade und Hochläufe

Hardness Levels and Run-Ups Skilfully Under Control

Are there enough ideas and approaches to achieve the set goals in the given time? Are the individual measures progressing fast enough in their degrees of rigor? Set the basis for clear agreements for your KPIs and ensure a high degree of implementation stringency.

KPIs not for Justification Scenarios, but for Clarity and Commitment

A world-class KPI management system doesn’t ensure that anyone has to justify anything, but rather that the right things are being thought about and talked about in the right places to achieve a great result.

Klarheit und Verbindlichkeit


No more vague, out-of-control KPI constructs! Everyone in the organisation knows exactly what criteria will be used to identify their value contribution and what the key steering parameters are for this.


ProgressMaker® makes excuses for non-performance impossible. Clear agreements regarding what effects will be achieved using which measure when and under what conditions provide the basis for a high degree of commitment and consistency.


The intelligence of mature KPI management is characterised by the fact that it focuses on key areas and that the sum of the measures is carefully coordinated to achieve the expected effects throughout the organisation. ProgressMaker® supplies this intelligence.


ProgressMaker® networks all relevant KPI systems to create one powerful KPI management system. It provides clarity regarding the interrelationships of the KPIs and all measures. Move around your KPI measures universe intuitively. 


The Important Difference Between Results and Steering KPIs

Saturday evening football – Dortmund versus Bayern; HSV versus St. Pauli and Bad Tölz versus SZ Sperber. Each match ends with a result – let’s say 2:0.

The results KPI tells us that the match ended 2:0, thus exploiting its operational network. There is a result; it cannot be changed and, most importantly, it is impossible to use this results KPI to trigger changes. You cannot “tweak” results KPIs; you cannot use them to steer. Most organisations, however, draw almost exclusively on results KPIs when determining their steering activities. They review results KPIs; may not be satisfied with them and decide to implement improvement measures. When doing so, it is often the case that too many measures are decided and that they are sometimes also not the right ones. Incorrect and pointless activities become inevitable. 

What is lacking is management which draws on steering KPIs! The difference? Steering KPIs can be directly “tweaked” using corresponding measures. Results KPIs can only be indirectly influenced using steering KPIs. Excellent KPI management systems are characterised by the fact that they combine the few crucial results KPIs and the correct steering KPIs into a network to initiate the most effective measures.

You cannot “tweak” the outcome of a football match, but you can “tweak” key steering KPIs. These could be:

  • Certainty in standard situations
  • Passing quality
  • Strength and speed
  • And so on


Understanding the difference between results and steering KPIs is a key factor in quickly achieving operational excellence via an intelligent KPI system!

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